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Bob, Now that our house has closed, Keith and I want to thank you, as our listing agent, for all you have done to make this sale happen.
If we had listed with you and Coldwell Banker to start, we would already be living in Goodyear rather than getting ready to move there.  Your attention to detail, effective pictures and advertising helped make the sale.  Also when potential buyers did not show much interest, your creativity made the house in demand.  Imagine getting two contract offers on the same day!
We will refer you to our friends and to people we meet who may want to move to Sedona.
Larryetta and Keith.
Hi Bob, We want to thank you for all your work on making this transition a reality for us. You have such a calming influence during times of stress and we both appreciate this unique quality in you. We will be in touch after the dust settles.
Warmest regards, Pat
Dear Bob, We want to again thank you for assisting us in finding the "perfect" home in Sedona. From our first meeting, it was readily apparent that you have a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market, and your professional approach and attention to our desires were greatly appreciated.
Also, the fact that you made time available to meet with us during our short visit, and focused on properties that had the best potential to meet our criteria was extremely helpful.
Thank you again for a thourghly positive home-buying experience. We're very "blessed" everyday to enjoy the beautiful Sedona vistas!  Sincerely, Bob & Jan
Dear Bob, Thank you for your guidance and support through the home buying process! We are truly appreciative of all the time and attention to detail that you gave us. We are thrilled and looking forward to moving here on a permanent basis in 3-4 years. (Planning to rent Sedona home during the interim.) Please stay in touch! Roger & Kristi
Bob, Just a note of Thanks! It was enjoyable during a stressful time to do business with someone who really knows his business and does it so well. You made it much easier than I expected. Besides that I like you! Jess
To You Bob Bruno,
As we are settling for our first holiday in Arizona, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for us in making our new home a  reality.  Moving is a difficult task in itself, but when you move from a different state and try to settle two escrows to close in a timely manner, life gets stressful.  Through your patience, kindness and reassurance, my mind was put at ease several times in knowing that you had things taken care of.  The amount of time you spent with me and my family showing us several different properties and understanding how choosy I was, will never be forgotten.  I was the fortunate one when I found you as my Realtor and my hope is that more people will choose you to represent them when their time to move approaches.  Thank you again for all you did for me in making our move to Arizona a nice experience.  Sincerely, Lori De L.
I highly recommend Bob Bruno, Realtor, Coldwell Banker First Affiliate-Sedona, AZ.  My 1987 home recently sold quickly and smoothly in a “down real estate market”.  Bob’s people friendly professionalism guided me from start to finish.  His great photography brought out the best features of the property when it was placed on the market.  I always knew I could call and ask him questions at every stage of the sale from listing, showings, inspections, repairs, paperwork, and finally escrow.  Most helpful was his list of reliable business people in the area.  Everyone I chose from the list provided high quality reasonably priced repairs and/or services.  Best of all, match of buyer and seller couldn’t have been better!  Thank you, Bob!   Betty
We can sum Bob up in three words ... Stop, Look and Listen.
Several e-mails and a couple of trips to Sedona sealed the deal.
Bob’s experience is extremely professional and certainly knowledgeable in the Sedona market area.  Sharon & Ron
Dear Bob, Thank you so much for helping me sell my house. During the year that we worked together, I was impressed and delighted by  your knowledge of the market, your attention to detail, and how well you followed through on everything! 
Even in an incredibly tough sales market, you made this happen. I would be glad to serve as a reference for  you at anytime. Again, my thanks to you for making this sale come true! Sincerely, Al D
When we met Bob to purchase a home in Sedona, we never planned that within 2 weeks my husband would have a severe stroke.  We found the perfect ... (click to continue)
Bob,  How exciting that the house sold nearly as soon as we put it on the market!!  I appreciate all your help.  Your suggestions on what to take out and what to leave in must have been the right ticket.  Because I live out of town, I expected that selling my vacation home would be endless trouble regarding appointments with workmen, utility companies, etc.  Having you step up to the plate in those circumstances was enormously helpful. Thank you for the work you put into the sale. Sincerely,  Shirley N.
We want you to know we very much appreciate your handling our property and getting it sold. Thank you for your expertice.
Steve and Barbara

Working with Bob Bruno has been nothing but a great experience. He is highly professional and always pleasant. There were several glitches with the buyer and bank but Bob always followed through and made a point to inform us as soon as possible; he went above and beyond to make things happen. We also liked the fact that we could work with Bob via email and scanning/signing our documents rather than going through regular mail. We would highly recommend Bob to anyone that had a property to sell or buy in the Sedona area.  
Best Regards, Dawn

Are you from out of state? Looking for a second home? Wanting to retire in the Sedona area? Bob is your Realtor.
Bob is friendly and honest. He comes across as he looks - a nice guy, not too pushy, smart. He did an excellent job of respecting our time—which was limited—and of finding out who we are and what we really wanted. His knowledge of the market, of the benefits of condos vs. home ownership were outstanding.

We were able to buy a beautiful home in the neighborhood of our choice at an excellent price. He showed a great attention to detail in quickly addressing some issues from the inspection and questions we had.
What about Bob? Choose him—you won't be disappointed.
Trisha and Darrell. Go Pack.
Thank you Bob. From making an offer, to closing escrow in ten days has to be a record. I attribute this to your experience and attention to detail. You made purchasing property totally stress free. It was a pleasure working with you. Many thanks again. Richard and Lisa
I just want to say how much I appreciate the time, effort, and considerate attention to every detail you gave to my purchase of a property in Lake Montezuma recently. Even though it was a foreclosed house at a reduced price, you treated me as if I were spending a million bucks! That kind of customer service seems to be unusual lately. I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks, Bob!    Maggie
We are about to head out for our first weekend in our new home! Thanks so much for helping us locate the second home that best met our criteria in just a few days while we were vacationing in Sedona, and for your help in facilitating the closure of the transaction while we are at home in Southern California. Mr.& Mrs. K
Bob,  Just wanted to say thanks for getting us such a great deal on a house here in the Village of Oak Creek.  Everything went smooth from the beginning to the end.
We are now proud owners of the house of our dreams and living here in Sedona.
Thanks again, T.& D. Y.

Bob was very consistent and he was everything I expected from a top notch realty company. Dr. P.T.

"attentive and knowledgeable" G.G.

"We were very satisfied." B.L.

"our process was smooth sailing" L.B.

"courteous and very professional" Dr. J.T.

Bob Bruno is an excellent agent. He represents Coldwell Banker with pride and dignity and I will use him again. K.C.
{and they have!}

Bob, Lee and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you our sincere thanks for your efforts in our recent real estate transaction.  We found you very refreshing in comparison with other agents we spoke with. 
You went out and researched what we asked you to, and found that perfect property for us.  You stayed with us throughout the contract phase, to closing of escrow.  Your efforts were thorough, and you took time to explain our options and the process every step of the way. 
We found you to be honest, thorough and sincere.  We will recommend you with confidence to any of our friends that may be seeking real estate.
Thanks again for a job well done! Mr & Mrs T.S.
Bob, It has been our pleasure to have worked with you over the past several months. We appreciated your insights and guidance throughout the process.
Although trying to complete everything remotely could have proved difficult and stressful, you made the process painless.
Once we are settled in, we will have you over to enjoy the fantastic view!
Thank you,  G.& L. LaB.
We loved Bob Bruno. He was easy to communicate with. He was informative -- and he was patient and tolerant!